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By making a fully tax deductible contribution, you can become a member of the Foundation for Appraisal Education. All are welcome to join the foundation including appraisers, art professionals, historians, students, etc. Our diverse community supports the FAE’s ongoing work to promote the advancement of appraisal education.


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  • Helping the FAE mission to increase access to specialized appraisal educational opportunities, which supports the overall professionalism and connoisseurship of the personal property appraising field.

  • Your FAE membership can be included as part of your professional profile. Electronic badges are now provided annually upon request to each member after donation.

  • Join at a Sustaining Level or higher and receive a $40-$50 complimentary webinar through the International Society of Appraisers.

  • Enjoy the opportunity to join a FAE committee and participate in the planning of our seminar, marketing initiatives, scholarship work, or new member development.

  • The special “Charter Member” designation will be linked to your membership for as long as you renew annually, at any of the following levels. All Charter Members are listed on our website.








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Charter Members

Lauren K Abramowitz


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Anita Chavez

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Terri Ellis

Fred's Furniture and Auction


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Aloysia Hamalainen

Robert Harrison

Linda Hawthorne

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Darlene Hines

Robert Hittel

Rachel Hoffman

Rebecca Hogge

Joseph Jabbour

Tracey Kahle



Sanjay Kapoor


Kim Kasten

Charles Keller

Jill E. Kent


Sally King


Anne Kelly Lewis


Dorothy Long


Lisa Lowy


Tamra Mast


Carol Matesic


Patricia Meadows



Sue McGovern-Huffman


Michael E. Murphy

The Laura Jane Muster Fund



Beverly Nash



Danusia Niklewicz



Elise Waters Olonia



Diane Pease



Martha Peck



Cathy Peters



Farhad Radfar


Laura Raiffe


Sarah Reeder



Lynn Roberts



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John Sexton



Vicky Nash Shaw


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