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By making a fully tax deductible contribution, you can become a donor of the Foundation for Appraisal Education. All are welcome to join the foundation including appraisers, art professionals, historians, students, etc. Our diverse community supports the FAE’s ongoing work to promote the advancement of appraisal education.

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Donor Perks

  • Helping the FAE mission to increase access to specialized appraisal educational opportunities, which supports the overall professionalism and connoisseurship of the personal property appraising field.

  • Your FAE donation can be included as part of your professional profile. Electronic badges are now provided annually upon request to each member after donation.

  • Join at a Sustaining Level or higher and receive a $40-$50 complimentary webinar through the International Society of Appraisers.

  • Enjoy the opportunity to join a FAE committee and participate in the planning of our seminar, marketing initiatives, scholarship work, or new member development.

  • The special “Multi Year Donor” designation will be linked to your donations for as long as you renew annually, at any of the following levels. Multi Year Donors are listed on our website.








$250 & Up

Multi Year Donors

Ashley  Nunneley

Elizabeth Anastos Holmes

Robert Aretz, Jr.

Kathryn Minard & Sheila Jones Art Advisory

Janelle Beck

Nancy Beebe

Jessica Berger

E. Ross Bradley

Pam Campbell

Courtney Christy

Michelle Conliffe

Helen (Len) de Rohan

Jacquelyn Dewdney

Brady Dreasher

Lisa Duke

Leila Dunbar

Jan Durr

Phil Fabian

Monica Fidel

Tara Ana Finley

Lisa Garcia

Wendy Gerdau

Perri Guthrie

Aloysia Hamalainen

Robert Harrison

Libby Holloway

Suzanne Houck

Lynn Huck

Brittany Hyde

Joseph Jabbour

Kathi Jablonsky

Joseph Jackson


Georgia Jobes

Sanjay Kapoor

Kim Kasten

Charles Keller

Jill Kent

Sneha  Konda

Lisa Lowy L&L Liquidation & Appraisal Services

 La Maison d'Elodie,inc 

Marigold Lamb

Olga Lemeni

Anne Kelly Lewis

Alyssa Loney

Dorothy Long

Maggie Lopez Cianciullo

Carol Matesic

Sidney McKenzie

Winston McKenzie

Judith Martin

Meredith Meuwly

Beverly  Nash

Laura Nelson

Cynthia  Nicholas

Ashley Nunneley

Diane Pease

Martha Peck

Cathy Peters

Louise Phillips

Lynn Roberts

Lennie Rose

Jason Rzepniewski

Mandy Sabbadini 

Linda Saft

Catherine Sankey

Elizabeth Sayre

John Sexton

Bailey  Sexton

Vicky Shaw

Greer Simonton

Kirsten Smolensky


Molly Snow

Lottie  Stevens

Jenny Stokes

Lauren Stump

Susan Sturdivant

Irene  Szylinger 

Tina Teel

Lisa Duke for Mary Karen Lynn-Klimenko, The Laura Jane Musser Fund

Jillian Van Volkenburgh, ISA AM

Robert Vogt

Emily Wallace

Elise Waters Olonia

Alicia Weaver

Loren Whittaker, PhD

Michael Widmaier

Paula Widmaier

Fred & Maureen Winer

Cathy Wright